Prayers in Natural Light

Sixty favorite images from The Devil’s Toenail to the Cascade crest, and sometimes over the edge.

Click on photograph for details and pricing. Shipping costs (typically $8 to $10) are not included. Tim Connor photography (c)2013-2017. All images are copyright protected and may only be republished with permission. For additional info and orders:

Beyond cellular service
a point of emphasis
The beauty of experience
Upon arrival
what she says when I call
Footbridge in an afterlife
Silk stream on the north fork
North chamber Potholes Coulee
Currently jade
As the crow flies
The heron holds its ground
In memory of Marcia Dewinter
Oak leaf arteries
The talus garden
Peter and the apostles at dawn
The Boulder on the Bumping
My Valentine
Water and the Willow
Rock Creek searches for the ocean
String Theory
The Sisters at sunrise
mountains and the mountain
The root of it
Sea of Palouse
The sky you and I share
On the road to Mt. Hope
Rising from the talus
Unreasonably orange
The light within the grove
Grace is also ephemeral
Storm on the bunchgrass straits
Wenatchee River near Leavenworth
The falls below Judith Pool
New Year’s Day
Steamboat Rock, Take 2
How rocks get wet
Wishing you were here
Aspen and red twig in Northrup Canyon
Iris in the hollow
Path through the marsh
The gold in Rock Creek
Virga for Odessa
Seventeen ways to blue
The Meadow off Elder Road
The Falls at Hawk Creek
Peter and the Apostles, a wider view
The flame in the park
leaves in the multiverse
The west wall
The Bend in the Gap
A woodpecker’s place
Sunset near Lamont



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